In Defense of The Phantom Menace

We Star Wars fans represent both the best and the worst in all the fandoms.  On the dark side, we have the misogynists, flunkies, and trolls who translate their "love" for the original trilogy into cruelty so strong that it has broken the hearts and affected the careers of Kelly Tran, Jake Lloyd, Hayden Christensen,... Continue Reading →

Prologue – an Excerpt from Pop Culture Pilgrim (coming this fall)

The following is most of the Prologue from my new book coming out this fall. It's called Pop Culture Pilgrim: The Believer's Journey Through Movies, Music, Media, and More. This book is my opus, and it offers a fresh lens for looking at spiritual life through the stories that most thrill and inspire us.  I... Continue Reading →

Top 7 Movies for Easter

Ah, Easter - that holy season of faith, new life, pastel candy...and movies!  Okay, every season is movie season for me, I know, but if all stories are God's story (they are), then an Easter movie marathon is just a big bundle of holiness, right?  Right. Here are my top seven favorite films for pondering... Continue Reading →

Daredevil: a redemption story

At the risk of losing all of my fangirl street cred, I have to make an important confession: I did not hate the 2003 Daredevil movie.  The script was weak, granted, and it struggled with tone and motivation (Am I an action movie?  A thriller?  A romance?  Which one will make the most money?).  But... Continue Reading →


The scene: A dark, too quiet night in the bowels of some remote location. The character:  A beautiful but foolish all-American young person. The plot: S/he has come to a remote location with a group of friends to let off steam and maybe even get lucky, when suddenly (but only after receiving numerous warnings from... Continue Reading →

blue like don

About once a month, I treat myself to a little something I like to call No-Hat Day.  No-Hat Day is when I temporarily cast off all the roles I try to fill in my life and do something that is purely me in the moment.  For a few hours, I'm neither doting mother nor dutiful... Continue Reading →

Top 5 Movies for Easter

Ah, Easter - that holy season of faith, new life, pastel candy...and movies!  Okay, that's every season for me, I know, but if movies reflect the hero's journey (the best ones do), and Jesus is the best and greatest hero (He is), then it's all a bundle of holy activity, right? Here are my Top... Continue Reading →

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