E-mail tagline and Lift letter, Landing page intro (sample)

Sample for Nightingale Conant:
Lessons from the Richest Man Who Ever Lived by Steven Scott project

Subject line:
Two Little Clicks That Could Change Your Life Forever

Lift letter

Dear Andi,

You’re just two clicks away from opening the door to the successful, thriving life you’ve always wanted.

Financial freedom … rewarding relationships … reduced stress … maximum success in minimum time… the keys to all of this and more are waiting for you to accept them.

Steven Scott’s life-changing audio series, Lessons from the Richest Man Who Ever Lived can give you these keys.

Steven himself has made an epic comeback from financial and personal ruin to multimillionaire status and ultimate happiness … all by applying the wisdom and strategies he presents in this series.

If you are brave enough to accept, he is offering his mentorship to help you do the same.

No more settling. No more waiting. Click here to get started on the life you really want NOW.


Vic Conant
Chairman, Nightingale-Conant

P.S. Respond within the next ten days and I will send you a FREE Bonus Session, “The Key That Opens Every Door.”

Landing page

Why settle for an unfulfilling job and insufficient income …
when The Richest Man Who Ever Lived can show you how to find vast wealth – and keep it?

Why resign yourself to a stressful schedule and ruined relationships …
when The Wisest Man Who Ever Lived can teach you how to create a peaceful, balanced life – and maintain it?

Who is this RICHEST, WISEST man and how can you get him to mentor you?

Dear Friend,

Picture yourself becoming an apprentice to the Richest and Wisest Man Who Ever Lived, a man whose wealth was hundreds of times greater than that of Donald Trump’s. In fact, his riches exceeded the worth of Microsoft and Wal-Mart combined!

Imagine that this same man possessed wisdom greater than any who have lived before or since – more wisdom than Albert Einstein, Mother Teresa, and Martin Luther King, Jr. all put together.

Is it any wonder, then, that some of the most successful people in America were those whose parents taught them daily from the Richest and Wisest Man’s writings in the book of Proverbs? Men like Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Edison, and Henry Ford to name a few.

The man who penned these Proverbs was King Solomon, and he remains the undisputed richest and wisest man the world has ever known.

Unfortunately, today it can be very hard to truly understand many of the Proverbs without a thorough knowledge of their context in the life and times of King Solomon.

That’s where multimillionaire entrepreneur and author Steve Scott comes in, bringing 30 years of study and application of the Book of Proverbs to his personal and professional life with him.


Sample of targeted e-mail copy for unnamed corporate client

Subject line:
The Number One Drag on Your Company’s Resources…and How [Unnamed Corporate Health Program]  Can Fix it


E-mail content

As a leader in business and corporate culture, you already know how much absenteeism and attrition can drain your company’s resources, but did you know there’s an even bigger threat out there making headlines?


This growing burden is called presenteeism, and it is quietly at work in nearly every workplace today, subtly eroding the team’s morale…not to mention the bottom line.


Presenteeism occurs when employees physically show up for work, but underperform due to illness, stress, or other unaddressed health issues. Harvard Business Review estimates the total cost of presenteeism in the United States to be more than $150 billion per year – roughly three times greater than absenteeism.


The good news is that savvy businesses leaders are successfully shrinking presenteeism every day through comprehensive employee wellness programs through [Unnamed Corporate Health Program]. With the right program in place, companies around the world are enjoying not only increased productivity, but also higher employee morale, reduced attrition, better profits, and increased positive public image through community and involvement.


How [Unnamed Corporate Health Program] Is Making the Difference
The flaw in so many company wellness programs is that they fail to reach the people who will benefit most from them. To achieve optimal participation and engagement, [Unnamed Corporate Health Program] has created [website title], your customized, interactive corporate wellness portal designed to provide your team with the necessary tools to maintain a healthy lifestyle, including:


  • Personalized, secure logins into Individual Portal Sites
  • A Monthly Wellness Newsletter
  • Weekly Recipes and Grocery Lists
  • Pedometer Tracking
  • …and so much more!

Best of all, these features are now available in the NEW [Unnamed Corporate Health Program] Wellness Portal App for iPhone and Android…so your employees can keep their health goals and reminders on hand at all times.

Your employees get the fitness plans, support, and incentives they need every day, and your company grows healthier as they do – mutual investment, for mutual success.

Get started now:
Contact us today to create the perfect branded website for your team, and put an end to presenteeism for good.


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