monomyth blog

Monomyth is a fancy word for a theory laid out by mythologist and teacher Joseph Campbell, most famously in his tome The Hero with a Thousand Faces. It refers to a classic sequence of stages that tend to occur in common through most narratives.  It is the greater Story within every story.

This concept has informed my consumption of entertainment for years, to the point that at one time, I had a blog page devoted exclusively to the subject.

The bad news: As of today, I have accepted that maintaining two blogs is both time-prohibitive and redundant.  While I am not dismantling the monomyth page (yet), I will no longer be updating it.  Feel free to browse through those previous pieces by clicking here.

The good news: Instead, I will begin incorporating entertainment  reflections and reviews into my primary Lucinda S. / Write Naked blog.   (Look for a post on Netflix’s new Daredevil
series this very week.)

The best news (I hope): I’m writing a book about it!
Pop Culture Pilgrim, my exploration of faith, film, and all things Story, will be available for purchase by the end of this year.  Stay tuned for updates and offers!



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