about you

As an honored guest on my page, most likely you are:

A)  A savvy, successful professional in need of writing assistance.  Maybe you never got the grades in English at school, or maybe you just don’t enjoy doing it; whatever the case, you and your business need the support, relief, and profitable success that a good copywriter can bring.

B)  A vision-oriented leader in a business, non-profit, or other organization looking to increase your profits and/or web presence.  You need more visibility and copy that generates response.

C)  A friend or family member of mine just scoping out my site for sheer curiosity’s sake.  You need to know what the heck it is that I’m so excited to be doing every day.

Whatever your category, you share at least one thing in common with the others: You are in the right place to secure quality copy for your website, marketing, and all other business communications.

services availablewordle-copywriting

  • Web content, articles, and blogging (sample)
  • Product copy – web or catalog (sample)
  • Sales Letters  – E-mail and direct mail (sample)
  • Social media campaigns and presence
  • Christian-specific content and communications

 Rates start at $25/hour per project.

Whatever your project needs, it is my mission and pleasure to create engaging and effective copy that brings life to your message…and customers to your door.

Contact me at Rev119@gmail.com to get started today!



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