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Christmas Open House!: Advent Stories and Devotions for Families, Small Groups, and Personal Reflection

Inspire your family, small group, Sunday School class, and journaling/personal reflection times with this fun and funny collection of Advent devotions. Centered around epic childhood memories of one family’s Christmas traditions in Indiana, these 25 Christmas devotional stories combine warmth, nostalgia, and a generous dose of Christmas spirit to connect our hearts with what really matters…at Christmas and beyond!

Each entry features:
• A Reading/Story of the Day
• Questions for Discussion and/or Reflection
• Bible Verses to Enhance and Guide Discussion
• Recipe-of-the-Day from the Real-Life Christmas Open House!

   “Christmas Open House is a masterpiece of nostalgia, mixed with loving amounts of gentle humor, recollections of dear, amusing relatives, and wisdom about what is always universally important in family life. Reading it gave me the feeling of opening an old, forgotten but still fragrant cedar chest filled with precious artifacts of a shared history, welcomed lovingly into the light of our rather frantic, present world of impersonal electronic communication and worship of speed for its own sake.
The very sensory memories of the author take the reader back to a gentler, more innocent time, perhaps a time many of us will embrace once again as something as important as food and oxygen. Read, laugh, cry, remember, and enjoy this marvelous little book as something precious to be shared.

-John Bolinger, author of Come September: Journey of a High School Teacher and All My Lazy Rivers: An Indiana Childhood

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