Comic-Con 2015: reflections, predictions, and knee-jerk reactions

Okay, here it is.  After much research, consideration, and pirate prospecting (not as dirty as it sounds…unless you ask a studio executive), I present to you my top five highlights from Comic-Con 2015.  Enjoy!

#5 – Fox’s Deadpool / Fantastic 4 / X-Men: Apocalypse
Gotta’ give these guys low marks  out of the gate for poor sportsmanship.  First they refuse to offer any of their new footage/trailers online, then they treat fans like criminals for desperately hunting down pirated versions, whining about how the VFX were only designed for that audience in that venue.  Bad form.  Sorry guys, but you should never come to Comic-Con with anything you aren’t ready for the general public to see.  We already feel bad enough about not being there, don’t make it worse by forcing us to scrape the dumpsters for sustenance.

Here’s the Stan Lee selfie that almost makes up for it all:

SL selfie


As for the panel content itself:
Fantastic 4 will be better than people give it credit for.
X-Men: Apocalypse will be amazing, but they can’t top Days of Future Past.
Deadpool is going to be Awesome!  A @#$%-ing riot!  Worth the 11-year wait!  A perfect adaptation of the source material…though the source material is admittedly not for everyone.

#4 – DC’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice / Suicide Squad
Also near the bottom rung due to delayed accessibility of and corporate whining over the Suicide Squad trailer, DC gets sympathy points for earnestly trying…but they still just don’t quite get it.

Batman v Superman

Ben Affleck is killing it (take that, haters!).  That scene of him running into the demolition is so powerful.  He is going to be the best part of this movie, and Jeremy Irons will absolutely rock his, like, five lines.
-Henry Cavill perpetually looks how I feel: a little lost and afraid.  He wears the suit well, though.
-Gal Godot is beautiful, but she so far demonstrates all the emotion and resolve of cottage cheese.  And what was that with her bracelets making some kind of energy field?  She has enough real powers, why are we making stuff up?  I maintain that Zack Snyder just does not understand Wonder Woman.

Suicide Squad

It’s a difficult premise, but the cast is powerful and seems game enough.  As is befitting the iconic character he portrays, Jared Leto’s Joker is going to be far and away the primary reason to see this movie.  Harley Quinn looks promising too, but let’s face it: Most of her appeal stems from her bond with the Joker, so it’s kind of the same thing.

Bottom line: DC is going to make  obscene amounts of money next year regardless of what any of us think or say.

#3 – Heroes Reborn

If you have never heard of the TV show Heroes, give this reboot a shot (and check out the original, Volume 1).

If you were already a fan of Volume 1, this reboot is Tim Kring’s love letter for you, and he is clearly trying to win you back.

If you were still a fan of the show after Volume 1, you have shown great dedication and you will probably love this no matter what they do.

#2 – Bill Murray!  At Comic-Con!

#1 – Star Wars: The Force Awakens
Okay, world, this  is how you do it.  JJ Abrams, either reluctant or unable to offer any new fully VFXed and produced trailers for Star Wars: The Force Awakens, offered up several minutes of behind-the-scenes footage instead – and it was available nearly instantly on YouTube after the panel concluded.  Check it out:

Plus this happened:

Star Wars wins.


What do you think?

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