question of the day

what do you wear to meet your dad for the first time?

something dressy to make a good impression?  not a suit exactly, but just something tony that communicates togetherness and health.  something that says, “yeah, i’m doing one hundred percent, completely fine [whether it’s true or not], thank you; how are you?”

maybe go super casual: jeans and a t-shirt and sneakers, even?  you know, just to make it clear that it’s all no big deal at all, really.  you’re just chillin’ and takin’ it in, no signs of trauma or daddy issues or any of that stuff that weaker souls struggle with. 

perhaps some judicial robes in order to render an effective and just sentence over the proceedings.  after all, a fair estimate needs to be made of the cumulative value of thirty-five years’ worth of child support, general health care and sustenance, presents, and presence, right?  the robe is loose and concealing, but solemn: time to pay up.

what about a full-on costume?  this way you can be whoever you need.  superman, wonder woman, or the flash to save the day.  a doctor  or nurse who brings healing.  the angel you couldn’t help but love.  the princess who needs you to break the curse. 

maybe just go naked.  sure, it’s uncomfortable for everyone, but that way it’s all out there, no secrets or games.  besides, in the natural order of things, this is how you would have met in the first place – no clothes or perfumes or make-up, just flesh and blood and eye contact.  simple.

the accessories are easier. 

obviously, you bring your purse, that comfortable friend which neatly secures vital pieces of identity and equipment. 
you bring your keys – a way in and a way out. 
you bring cash just in case there is somehow even more unforseen cost,
and you bring tissues. 

you should also keep a formidable cloak on hand at all times.  It should be black and warm and cozy, the better to serve for protective coverings in case things go south.

most of all, if you have one, bring a sister.  there is a particular tactical advantage to sisters.  the best ones provide two kinds of strength: love that bolsters personal fortitude, and mama bear love that is ready to spring up and protect her at a moment’s notice.  there is no disadvantage to having such an ally.

thank God for mine.


2 thoughts on “question of the day

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  1. I thank God for your sister every single day, right along with thanking Him for you (I take turns putting each of you first so as not to show favoritism, which doesn’t exist amongst us anyway). I also thank God for MY sister (whose good advice I should have taken more often, as she occasionally reminds me) and my brother every day as well (again, taking turns putting each of them first due to the favoritism thing). It’s good to have your own personal protector, isn’t it?


  2. this is one of the best posts you’ve *ever* written – I love how you made each of the outfits into their own version of how the interaction could go, and especially the keys thing: ‘a way in and a way out.’ wow. that was one heckuva day, wasn’t it? glad i had my sister on hand to make sure that no butt went unkicked, were it necessary. 🙂 love you.


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