smog in my heart,
heat shimmering from the path.
cold, slick sweat sliding and falling away.

drive to go, go, go –
climb more, do more, show more,
prove me.

rocks rolling underfoot,
no tread, no grip,
paralyzing fear of what is beyond.

no vision but of the shear,
the peril, the moment’s notice death
by name of failure.

i fantasize of punishing the mountain,
flailing at it in fury,
heavy boots and closed fists.

silly girl.
the crag is inanimate:
self-important, blind,
undiscerning, unrepentant.
it will only sit, immobile and in the way.

this is why it must
be surmounted,
put behind,

climb, do, and show,
but prove no more.

(from 2006)


2 thoughts on “passage

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  1. As always, I am just plain awed. As we discussed recently, thank God for your ability to put into words what most of us can only feel – mute and helpless to express. I don’t know if it always seems like a gift to you, but I always see it that way. God bless you, and God bless your words.


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