take up your mat…

I have been having some interesting experiences lately.  It started over Christmas when my youngest, Jaden, got sick.  She got this season’s stomach bug, and I was dismayed because it kicked in on Christmas Eve.  Yuck, right?  I decided that night that I wouldn’t get it.  I just decided that.  My mom was in town, my sister was coming, it was the holidays…No.  Plus, I hate keeping my girls at arm’s length when they are sick out of fear of catching it.  They need more love in those times, not isolation.  So I put my foot down in the (spiritual? mental? physical? all of the above?) realm(s) and refused.

Well, it worked.  I even tried deciding it for my daughters, and the other two did not get The Bug, although one did get a sore throat in that time.  Anyway, it was just very empowering.  Since then, we had another round of stomach virus, a cold, and a fever/sore throat combo come through our household, and we have held up unusually well.  I myself have gotten nothing.  I am completely devoid of germs.  I feel like some kind of low-grade superhero.

In a way, I think that’s what I am, really, and as I tell people all the time, so are all who choose to walk completely in the faith and power Jesus offers.  If you talk to my new LTD friends, they will agree with vigor and tell you the names of about ten books you can read on the subject.  I love it.

Still, the story goes even further.  Last week, I decided to start getting healthy again after about a year of backsliding.  Most troublesome was knowing that soda (and I am a hard-hitter: a Mountain Dew girl) was out.  This has been known to cause three-day migraines in the past – which of course, calls into question why I ever let myself get back into it, but whatever.  On Wednesday afternoon, I went in to work, and I felt the headache coming on.  I prepared myself at first for a sad afternoon and started to pray that I would just make it through my shift…when suddenly, I felt an abrupt change come over me.  I figured that I am getting healthy, and that’s the only reason my head wants to hurt.  So I tried a little experiment and said no.  No, I refused to have a headache that would ruin my work and evening plans.  I rejected it, just like that.  No. 

I succeeded.  Five minutes later, I was pain-free.

The next day, I began to ponder my powers.  What did it all mean?  Could I possibly be free from sickness for the rest of my life?  Awesome!  And then I started thinking about all I am learning through LTD, about freedom and the power of thinking and living to the fullest.  If I can reject sickness, if I can reject withdrawal symptoms – both things with rooted scientific evidence to legitimize their place in my life – then can I reject poverty?  Negativity?  Stress?  The power my ex has to destroy my spirit completely in one conversation?  Overweight-ness?

The more I think about it, the more I believe the answer is yes.  I mean, isn’t that the same thing as “casting off everything that hinders” from Hebrews 12?  Not that I think I can control the world around me, mind you.  It’s not that I can’t keep bad circumstances from existing or the enemy from attacking.  But can I let God and all of His fruits – love, joy, peace, health – reign and keep those things from having dominion over my life?  Without a doubt.  I have taught that ideal many times in various Sunday Schools, classes, Bible studies.  This is the first time I have seen it manifest in a really tangible and out of the ordinary way, though.  It’s extremely cool.

Heroes who have embodied this power in lore:  Superman/girl, Wolverine, Claire Bennett, Desmond Hume…  For myself, I think my hero name today shall be: The Shield.

Look out!


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