Please Stop Telling Christians Not to Hate People. Here’s Why…

"ALL HOMOSEXUALS ARE GOING TO HELL!  ALL LIARS ARE GOING TO HELL!  ALL DRUNKS  AND DRUGGIES ARE GOING TO HELL!..." These were the jarring yet familiar words bombasting my aunt's and my ears as we waited in line for the (beautiful! powerful! amazing!) U2 concert last weekend. I've lived in the South off and on... Continue Reading →


Top 7 Movies for Easter

Ah, Easter - that holy season of faith, new life, pastel candy...and movies!  Okay, every season is movie season for me, I know, but if all stories are God's story (they are), then an Easter movie marathon is just a big bundle of holiness, right?  Right. Here are my top seven favorite films for pondering... Continue Reading →

Book Launch Party!!!

This is the day I've been waiting for my whole life...or at least, since the fifth grade. That's when I entered a short story contest (a grade-wide competition for the best scary tale, in which I won second place) and first felt the call of writing on my life.  As with so many creatives, the... Continue Reading →

We Are All Luke Skywalker

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away... ...there was an aspiring young man named Luke. Luke didn't know it, but he lived a very sheltered existence. His family kept him close, his farm kept him fed, and a silent warrior in hiding kept him safe. Amidst this bounty of provision, unfortunately, Luke... Continue Reading →

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